Stephen John Turner

Putting your trust in Ordinary Living is a big step, so here is a bit about the owner.

Stephen John Turner – OWNER

Stephen Turner was born in Okehampton. At the age of 7 he moved to Eccleshall in Staffordshire.

Schooled at Lonsdale Primary School, Eccleshall Middle School and completed his education at Blessed William Howard in Stafford.

At the age of 16 he returned to Okehampton. Having periods of Living in a tent, bedsits and caravans he relocated to Exeter where he began to study and work. Working in various restaurants, hotels, nursing homes and shops until he returned to Okehampton and worked for the NHS Trust.

Leaving the NHS in 1995 he moved to Appledore and opened The Anchorage Residential Home in Bideford.

Working towards a more supported living approach he opened a succession of non-residential supported living homes and to date has 11 homes and a team of 90 who support him with the Ordinary Living vision.