Marie Turner

Marie Turner

I started with the company from day one… 1996, doing all the company accounts, whilst still carrying on with my job at the time.  I became company secretary in 2003 when Ordinary Living became a limited company.

My Bassett Hound, Florence (Flo Flo) would come with me to work when I joined the company as she was a puppy and I did not want to leave her alone all day.  Staff used to ‘argue’ about whose turn it was to come and take Flo Flo out.

When Stephen sold The Anchorage, I retired and Stephen said, “you can still do my books, Mother, as you will get bored”!

In the early days, I remember cash flow being so limited; we used to even have to budget for a tin of paint for maintenance. Jon Jon would ask me if he could now buy a tin of paint or I would say, nothing can be spent for the remainder of the month.

Since my time with the company I have seen the accounts become computerised… I used to do all the finances manually. We are now up to 90 staff, have two offices and operate from 12 houses.  Forty five tenants live with us, living as independently as possible.