Family GA

My son started his life with Ordinary Living in 2011 after having to move very quickly and unexpectedly from his previous, residential home of fifteen years. I was full of trepidation and fear, ­ worry was an understatement!

But there was no need for all my anxiety, since he was welcomed very warmly to his new home in Westward Ho!. The staff team quickly got to know all his “quirks” (and he has many – autism and challenging behaviours not least!). Everyone was supportive, professional and extremely caring. His life has been so much improved by their diligence, positive attitude and understanding. He still has his not­ so­ good times, but these are pre-empted and managed so as to cause him the least distress.

My visits to him are a joy! All the staff I meet are attentive, friendly and encouraging.

Most importantly, they all seem to like working at Ordinary Living and to have chosen the caring profession as a career. I have only praise for them all and have every confidence that my son’s experience of life there is as fulfilled and happy as it can be.