OLAR – What is it all about?


Ordinary Living’s Activity Room (OLAR) has been a hive of activity this year, and continues to be a fantastic and popular resource, that is quite unique to us at Ordinary Living.

So, a bit more about OLAR………..  Individuals are encouraged to choose their own projects and are supported through the planning and execution process to produce a piece of work of which they are proud. Using the ethos – that every idea is a good idea, means that there are an array of crafts and activities on offer.  On any one day at OLAR individuals can be learning to knit or sew, getting messy with papier mache and clay, singing, dancing or cooking. Others may prefer, at times, to sit in the quiet corner with beads or Lego. While others may prefer to be outside helping in the garden or making something in the shed.

The staff spend one to one time with each individual finding the right activity to encourage improvement in motor skills, literacy, and communication, whilst enabling each individual to have a real sense of achievement and gain maximum satisfaction from a day at OLAR. We work to build confidence by tapping into skills already held, but also by encouraging individuals to try something new.

And what have we been up to at OLAR?……….  After the glitter and fun of Christmas was cleared away we settled down to discuss future projects for the new year. We had been given a sewing machine, no one had used one before but several people were very enthusiastic to try it out. The results were amazing as you can see from the photos. Each individual had a definite idea of what they would like to make and were over the moon with the results, and rightly very proud. We are now talking about what to make next, and planning a visit to a fabric shop.

Cooking is a very popular activity at OLAR. Recently individuals have taken turns to lead the group through the cooking process, from discussing ingredients required, reading the recipes to delegating tasks. Initially this was aimed at confidence building but it has also helped with communication and social skills. Several individuals are now moving on to more difficult recipes with great success. Both tenants and staff enjoy the results with a nice cup of tea!