More Making & Creating!


OLAR (Ordinary Living Activity Room) has been busy busy busy recently and is full of beautiful works of art and creations made by the tenants. Tenants of all abilities at Ordinary Living enjoy OLAR, and no matter what level they are at they can still fully participate and achieve. The ethos is fun while improving, or learning new skills. Tenants choose their own projects, ranging from Lino cutting, cross stitch, wood work, sewing and anything in between!

After seeing some boats that others had made one tenant created a wonderful sea world which is now hanging from the ceiling.

A Hanging Seascape

Some tenants enjoy working with clay. This year we have moved on from making pots to creating sculpture. They have learnt how to construct an armature and build up the clay to form their sculpture. But most importantly they have been able to use their imagination. Working through how to create something solid from an abstract idea, and finally seeing the end product has given an enormous sense of achievement.

There are many projects on the go at OLAR at the moment, but something new to us all is lino cutting.

One of the highlights of the Ordinary Living calendar is the annual Summer BBQ. It’s a chance for tenants to meet up with old friends and have some fun. Everyone likes to get involved and there is much excitement leading up to the day.

The tenants who come to OLAR wanted to help with the preparations so we decided to make bunting. It was a great team effort where tenants of all abilities were able to take part and do their bit, improving social skills and learning new techniques while having fun.