Our Core Values

The following core values should always be recognised and adhered to in respect of every vulnerable adult:

  • Privacy – the right of individuals to be left alone or undisturbed and free from intrusion  or public attention into their own affairs.
  • Dignity – the recognition of the intrinsic value of people regardless of circumstances by respecting their uniqueness and their personal needs; treating people with respect.
  • Independence and self-determination – the opportunity to act and think without reference to another person, including a willingness to incur a degree of personal risk.
  • Choice – the opportunity to select independently from a range of options.
  • Rights – the maintenance of all entitlements associated with citizenship.
  • Fulfilment – the realisation of personal aspirations and abilities in all aspects of daily life.

These core values should be considered in conjunction with the legislative context of the Human Rights Act (1998).