A Sad Goodbye.


We recently lost one of our tenants, Jonathan Stevens, who very sadly passed away.  His funeral was attended by a number of Ordinary Living staff and Scott Lovejoy gave a eulogy on behalf of the company.  Colleagues who attended his funeral commented on how joyous it was and a very fitting celebration of Jon’s life – full of happiness and love.


Eulogy read by Scott Lovejoy

Hello everyone my name is Scott. We are here representing Ordinary Living and want to give you all a little insight into some of Jon’s life over the last 5 years.

Jon moved into the family of Ordinary Living on the 31st Oct 2011. He lived in three properties over a 5 year period, The Nook in westward Ho!, South Arscott Farm in Holsworthy and finally Iona in Folly Gate, a three bed roomed bungalow which Jon called HOME.

Steve recalls the first day he met Jon, it was in the hallway at The Nook.  After the usual greetings, Jon said, ‘I have heard you are the boss! Ummm. I think we will get on okay!’. We all very quickly realised that Jon liked Hierarchy and would give his attention to the highest ranking person in the room.

Jon enjoyed watching TV and listening to music whilst at home.  In particular, one of his favourite pop singers was Nicole Scherzinger, but to Jon she was affectionately known as Nicole Shirt Swinger!

Each day he would buy the sun newspaper and after reading it throughout the day he would pass it on to the night worker. Jon was always thinking of others.

Jon loved his rabbits whom he affectionately referred to as his bunnies! Thank you to Karen and her daughter Lily for offering them a new home and Lily is certainly sharing Jon’s love for the bunnies.

Jon always had a joke or a tongue in cheek comment to make. His visits to the Ordinary Living office in Bude were always entertaining.  On arrival he would say, ‘Hello, how are all you lovely ladies?’.  He would then make a bee line for Marie (that’s Steve’s mum), plant a kiss on her cheek and ask how was that son of hers keeping and also ask after her Grandson Lucas. If Karen was in the office Jon liked to comment on her wild hair and would ask if she had even bothered to brush it! This always made everyone laugh and Jon would have a giggle. Jon had time for everyone, he would ask Jackie if business was going well for her husband, he always had time for a chat, friendly banter and would lift anyone’s dull mood.

However! If Jon was not in a happy mood or something was bothering him, we would quickly know something was wrong!

Steve recalls a team meeting in Iona and just as the meeting was concluded, Jon came into the lounge. He announced, ‘I think I heard my name mentioned and this is my home and I don’t want meetings here!’. He then walked out slamming the door, walked into his bedroom and slammed that door. However, he realised that he had missed slamming the bathroom door so came out of his room, slammed the bathroom door and went back into his bedroom and slammed his bedroom door!  Needless to say, we used the training room for meetings afterwards or ensured Jon was not home if we were going to have a team meeting.

Jon had special relationships with a lot of people. One of which was Gemma, Whom Jon would call ‘That Miss Bossy boots’! He would moan about her to Steve, saying she had dared to suggest he should cut down on his chocolate and treats to help him lose weight! But Jon would always conclude by saying, ‘Well she is only thinking of me and she thinks quite a lot of me, so nothing needs to change’.  Gemma you were often in the firing line from Jon but you also shared lots of happy times and he thought a great deal of you.

Some of those happy times included holidays and an Elvis and Freddie Mercury night. Gemma, myself, Rob (Jon’s close friend) and of course Jon all went off to Cedars to watched the show. It was a brilliant night and there are some photos here for everyone to see later.

I could go on and on, there are so many things that we want to share …

….. Like Jon wearing his flat caps and cheerfully telling me when he had bought a new one.  ’Just like yours Scott’, he would say.

….. Always addressing Steve as Mr T!

….. Going to the luncheon club with Marc, and on seeing Marc’s wife working there, Jon would often say, ‘Oh Marc… I see the ball and chain is here!’

Jon had a special fondness for Marc and Marc was very protective and supportive towards Him. Marc thank you for everything you did.

I would also like to thank Jackie who was one of the team at Iona for her dedication and for being with Jon when he passed. Jackie, thank you from everyone.

Sue and Peter, your commitment to Jon and to the Ordinary Living team who have supported him has always been fantastic. You formed a unity with us which enabled us to always support Jon in his best interest, ensuring his life was meaningful and fulfilled. Thank you for helping us to get it right.

I have spoken here today on behalf of my colleagues; It’s been an absolute privilege to have known Jon and to have been able to share some of Jon’s life with you.

And to Jon; Thank You for letting us be part of it, you will never be forgotten.